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Make Your boyfriend More Romantic

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Of course, not all men are in tune with their romantic side. Fortunately, most men are highly trainable, and according to the panelists at the Web site, you can make your man more romantic — if you proceed carefully. “Don’t ever pressure a guy into romance,” says one GuyCritical panelist, a writer from New York. “That’s a sure turnoff and the most unromantic thing you can do.” Here’s what you can do:

Employ the golden rule. The best way to make your man romantic is by example — but remember, you need to give him romance on his terms, not yours. “Pamper him. Do what he wants once in a while — be it drinking with the buddies, playing a computer game, or just watching TV,” says an entrepreneur from Atlanta, who adds that a spicy ending to any of these activities will make it all the more memorable. “After that, show him you’d appreciate same kind of attention towards you, and eventually he’ll put it together.”

Take charge. Plan an entire night on the town and let your man sit back and enjoy the ride. “Women don’t know how difficult it is for a guy to always find creative and fun things to do, especially if you’re going out with someone two or three times a week,” says a Los Angeles account executive. “So for me it’s romantic when the girl picks out a new restaurant and says, ‘Tonight I picked out a new place for us to go, and I’m really excited to go there with you.’”

Turn romance into a game. Michael Webb, founder of, suggests that you alternate planning weekly date nights. “If you appeal to their competitive nature, a lot of men would put more thought and effort into the evening, trying to outdo their mate,” he says.

Take a tip from Pavlov. Let your guy know how much you appreciate little things he does for you — cooking dinner, walking around to the passenger-side of the car to let you in, buying your favorite candy bar when you feel blue. “Show him how much you appreciate it. Bring it up in front of other women so he gets a few oohs! and ahhs!,” says a banker from New York. “After that, he’ll soon be flooding you with romantic moments!”


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