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My romantic memory of SHORE THEATRE

January 8, 2010 by  
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One night while my in-laws were visiting, my husband and I decided to have a date night while his parents were there to watch our daughter. I asked him to plan something and surprise me. Boy did he! I got in the car and we headed toward the beach – that’s all I knew. When we arrived it was getting dark.
He took me to an area where we were the only ones for quite some distance. He spread out a blanket and set up a portable DVD player. He then took out 2 champagne glasses and a bottle of chilled sparkling cider. By the time the movie started and we’d had our first sip, the moon was shinning brightly over the water and reflecting in it.
 The breeze sent the gentle waves crashing into the shore and the seagulls called to each other overhead. It was wonderfully peaceful as we had our own private shore-side theatre!

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2 Responses to “My romantic memory of SHORE THEATRE”
  1. ahmed kenwey says:

    befor you speak about the love just feel it and when you feel it you will love cos the love is not word to say the love is feeling and i wish every body will feel it

  2. ahmed kenwey says:

    when you love pls smile wil the life wil samile to you back

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