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Keep courting after marriage

January 9, 2010 by  
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Never go to bed mad.

Your sweetheart needs touching and affection in and out of the bedroom.

Always take each other’s feelings into consideration.

Kiss each other every night before turning out the lights.

Plan together for the future, and then work to make your plans come true.

Treat your partner at least as well as you treat your friends.

Keep up with individual hopes and dreams.

Brag about each other.

If your mate’s always busy, make appointments to see each other.

When your partner tells you a problem, don’t rush in with a solution.
Often they just want to be heard.

Pay attention to how often you interrupt and do it less.

Turn up the stereo and practise slow dancing.

Be loving, even when you don’t feel particularly loving.
When discussions get too heated, call for a recess.

Bring home flowers to your sweetheart.

View the problems life gives you as challenges to be faced together.

It’s okay to change your mind.

When you’re conversing, give your undivided attention.

It takes 72 muscles to frown and only 23 to smile – and smiling has more pleasurable results!


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