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My dear, you know

January 9, 2010 by  
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Three months to leave the bar soon, time is really good fast, always unconsciously in the fingers are gradually passing away left a vague memory of the heart was on the heavy yoke of a deep change is the question of heart deep thoughts, perhaps the pre-existence, I owe you this life is destined to be so, doomed to watch such a wait senselessly a deep heartache, the heart can not erase the scars, and tears-clear why the word love like Caine in this difficult, so that were moths Firefighting knew some things are not possible, we can only let the feelings of love between the shrouded heart Nobody’s perfect, things no perfection, only down, is being affected by one time, I think of, as long as 1000 points the opportunity to strive to be one .

But that’s what good because my heart is more like a scar Bale you really want to you, remember you I said I was doing all this person has the purpose to say, many of which are a lie can probably knew, I told you so, has always been sincere because I do not want to lie to you what this life you may no longer have such a miss, IPS you know that I am deeply The wait senselessly’s suppose you do IPS heart of the most important position — only you, where I LOVE YOU! ! ! ! ! ! BABY

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