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The eternal fate

January 9, 2010 by  
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I finally believe that this world of “fate” word exists, inadvertently click the mouse and tap the keyboard, the space across the dim, let me feel your presence, but they broke the elusive feeling of space, leaving behind The most real you. Fantasy countless times previously to have this feeling, by the way of life had not been lucky enough to touch, it is with a deep bottom of my heart the most sincere way of communication, the first time I felt how pleasant the exchange of spiritual matter,

Each other’s word, when a meeting or a parting hug, even a silent look and smile, are able to share feelings to each other, if this feeling Huanzuo “Heart consonance,” not a very complete expression of the mood among the Anyway, could not find a suitable language to describe, to define.

Encounter time is always small, occasional meet, always has not been reflected each other’s ideas, in turn hurried parting, leaving is always an infinite yearning, but that you feel like another kinds of infinite the well-being, as you said: “If you want you are also the most beautiful thing.” spare time, always like to have a taste of this happiness, always impulsively Slide phone’s keypad, and asked out “Mody you okay? “and then is to wait for phone displayed on the screen from” Meteor Rain “SMS.

We have never had such an exchange when the only need, but the overall mood would also be quiet; have passed, but could never find a way to remedy the loss of such an exchange, as will be disturbed mood no longer calm up a. So, in good faith for their own prayer: accompany old age, when there will still be wearing reading glasses, happiness, flip the phone on behalf of the mood of the keyboard, and asked loudly: Mody you okay?


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