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The Best Ways to Show Your Love

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The Best Ways to Show Your Love

This is not such an easy question as it appears because it searches very deeply into the essence of human life and perhaps all existence. All that exists are feelings, and that is the answer we overlook when we ask; what is the very nature of love, and what and where does it fit into what we identify as feelings? Anger and fear are feelings, but love is missing or hidden when we experience them. If feelings are caused by thoughts, what are the thoughts that cause love? There are none. It is the absence of thought that allows love to be expressed. Love is our essence and the core of our existence. It need not be identified because when we experience love we know it. It cannot be described, only shared and experienced.

It seems better not to seek, but to find what is already there, by letting go of everything in our way, namely the memories, ideas, thoughts and beliefs that we hold onto that cause us to experience those feelings that are not love, but are fear, concern, hate, resentment, bitterness, anger, hopelessness, vindictiveness, vengefulness, despair, anxiety and all of the other feelings we can identify that cause stress in our lives. states that “love is a very strong feeling of affection. Love is created by hormones in the brain, telling the person if they like somebody or something. Love cannot easily be described, for it is a mix of emotions; people can love and be loved in different ways”

Often love can be confused with another feeling, such as sexual attraction, affection, obsession or feelings of friendship. There are examples when love can be destroyed; love was once there, but another feeling, such as jealousy or anger, has taken over the feeling of love. Love is based on respect, admiration and communication. Respect must be present in order for love to grow. Love can be a verb [action] and a noun [feeling] – English dictionary.

Love – the action, and love – the feeling, which one comes first? This doubt is similar to the question “chicken and egg – which one comes first?”

Hypothetically you wake up one day and suddenly you feel that your love for your partner has gone. You don’t feel anything about him at all. Suddenly he seems to be a stranger to you. Is this situation popular in life? Sadly the answer is yes. What would and should you do? Should you do nothing and wait till someday, until the feeling comes back to you? Or should you kick a fuss and end your marriage because there is no love? Saying yes to both of these questions will definitely ruin your life. In order to find a remedy you must change your perspective to see love as a verb, which comes before love – the feeling? If you do see love like that, what should you do? You will love your partner without love. It means that you will love him by listening to him, empathizing him, understanding him, sacrificing for him, affirming him, etc. Will all these save your relationship? The answer for this is yes. Then the feeling of love will eventually come back because it has always been there. You only need to reinforce it by actions of love, which seems to become so rare recently.

It can be difficult and painful to search for evidence of love in one’s actions, but because true love is an act of will that transcends ephemeral feelings of love, “Love is as love does” Love and non- love, as good and evil, are objective and not purely subjective phenomena.


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