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The Feeling of LOVE

January 10, 2010 by  
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love is feeling, feeling so sweet at the very start all the time
you don’t feel lonely,by the reason of
a person who is always missing you and thinking about u at least
not matter what happened between us
as long as you can accompany me
at the same time,along with the acquaintance becomes more and more familiar
digging out the demerit from each other
and then problems occurred continually
you feel tired, annoyed, even was desirous to escape
someone said that love like picking stone
people always want to find out the best suited
but how do you know when you can find it
Even though she was adapted to you, how about you?
everything can be changed if only you have the heart and courage
but a larger numbers of people become lazy for considering the reins was weak
terribly wrong!
as a matter of fact, human being was conquered by the inertia
so that the feeling becomes more and more impassive
don’t you understand?
no wonder that people wanna do nothing but grope for an amativeness in all their born days
Unwilling to join the wedlock
for wedlock can make people lazy easily
How did I fall in love with you?
How can I love you
Need apologize,also thank
Need understand,also releasing
Need resipiscence , also corrections
Need obliging,also considerate
Is acceptance,but not sufferance
Is tolerant,but not indulgent
Is sustaining,but not hegemonic
Is consolatory,but not interrogatory
Is pour out,but not complain of
Is memorable,but not oblivious
Is intercommunion each other,but not account for everything
Is invoke stilly,but not require a lot of


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