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2010 Libra horoscope Career and Romantic forecast

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when it comes to anything scary you might have heard about Saturn being in your sign this year — don’t believe the hype! Yes, there will be a new sense of seriousness about things, but nothing you can’t handle. And one of the nice things about this new seriousness is that it may well bring some serious romance into your life!

If you are currently in a committed relationship, June through August will find you involved in a new depth of communication with your partner. Knowing what you both want and finding ways to get there together will be of new importance to both of you. If you find yourself looking for love, much of the year will bring newfound attention. Mars in your House of Love Received will bring surprising attention from both new players and those who may have not expressed an interest before. If you are seeking a mate, this is good news. If you already have one, this could be good news or it could just be awkward.

Neptune will continue to cast a fuzzy shadow over your romantic judgment for much of the year. Being as it is in your Romance Sector, it has undoubtedly made for some interesting circumstances in your love life the last couple of years, and possibly some less-than-wise choices for yourself. But hey, what’s a little romance without a little delusion? Although those conditions will continue to be in place through the year,

For business or career

you’ll find yourself doing even more balancing than usual; you’re going to be pressed to decide if your internal sense of happiness should be the focus of life more than the outward signs of success. This may have been weighing heavily on your mind for the last several months, as far as work and the state of your love life. What you are likely to be weighing this year is a little more intangible (and a little more important) than those things. Specifically, in 2010 you’ll find yourself weighing out the cost of the connections you’ve formed for yourself versus their actual value to you.

There’s going to be a lot of pressure on you from within and without as to who you really are at heart and who you really are to those closest to you. This will be both in your personal life and at work. The natural Libra impulse is often to make peace with these kind of pressures, or negotiate your way around them. Your best bet in the next year though will be to recognize your own inherent value — not just what you appear to be worth to others.

In the final analysis this is all good news, even if it’s good news in disguise. No one is better than you at beautifying things or finding the inherent beauty in the mundane. Once you realize that you yourself are at least as shiny and pretty as any accessory — in your heart and soul, where beauty really counts — you’ll have begun assembling a better You. Breathe through the difficult spots, and enjoy the results!


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