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Noted Our forever love

January 19, 2010 by  
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Our forever love begins with three times’ Coming across

Most people believe in fate while I think the destiny should be handle by myself. And it’s said that nothing is best but there is something most suitable. Therefore I struggled to search the girl most suitable for me.

Year after year, finally I found out the certain girl in a party at the beginning of my college days. She is so cute and mild that I was deeply attracted. Maybe this is what we regard as “love at the first sight”. She became the mater of my heart from that moment. But as a freshman, I was too shy to talk with her let alone to show my feeling to her. It’s right that once chance is missing, it’ll be very hard to get it back, even worse you may lose it forever. I tried to find her everywhere on our campus after that day, but I failed. No matter how hard I tried, the result was the same. It seemed that what I needed was fate, and what I only could do was waiting.

Two years had past, and the fate came closer and closer. I came across her when we both worked to welcome the new students in our college. I was still a little shy, just smile to her without any word. To my surprised, she seemed to understand me and came over to talk with me. It’s a pity that we were too busy with our work to talk more. However, we told each our names to each other, which make me excited for a whole day. She seemed to disappear again after that day, and I had to go on with my waiting.

Three months later, thanks to the fate’s arrangement, I came across her again and we sat side by side at a music concert. We had a long time’s talk while enjoying the music concert. We both had a happy time. Before we left, I asked for her phone number. To my great delight, she gave it to me without any hesitation. My life changed from then on with the help of it.

By sending messages to her, I had the chance to know more about her. She said my smile just like the sunshine could expel the dark clouds and made her happy. I knew she also liked staying together with me. Finally, I summoned the courage to show my feeling to her. She accept my love, our happy life began.

She said each of us is an angel with single wing, only embrace can we fly up high. Just as real love stories never have endings, we’ll embrace, flying to the bright future forever and ever.



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