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Scorpio ,2010 Horoscoper prediction of future

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For Scorpio,2010 is very different.

Scorpios have a certain reputation for taking things a little too seriously, and to some extent you’ve earned that. The next year is going to give you new opportunities to really express yourself in new ways, and to get results from all that Scorpionic intensity you’ve been carrying around all your life. On the one hand, there will be new pressures developing as far as a lot of long-standing issues that you’ve faced for a long time, and that have been building for the last few years. New channels of communication will be opening up for you, and new ways to express yourself.

There may be a sense of deep pressure building when it comes to how you live your life and deal with the Big Picture issues. The usual problems of day-to-day living — paying the bills, dealing with relationships, making time for yourself — may merely be the guise in which these issues present themselves. In fact, with Saturn transiting your Twelfth House of hidden issues, you may find yourself confronted with people and issues that are merely your own issues in disguise. Think of it as a psychodrama where those around you are merely playing out individual psychological factors within yourself.

You’ve put in a lot of work over the last two years, Scorpio, with at least some reward for your efforts. Even in a difficult economy, you’ve shown your ability to survive almost anything. In 2010, you’ll finally be gaining some traction in your career and will begin to see results. Mars in your Career House for a large portion of the year will give you ambition, and although opposing forces won’t yield immediately, you have the determination to make the most of this newfound energy. Pressures in your home and personal life that may have distracted you from making the most of work will lighten up.

At least as important as what you do for money has to be where the money goes. This year you will see a lightening of the demands being made on your budget. Part of this is due to pure budgetary skill on your part, but much of the improvement will be due to reduced expenses. Take the time this April and May to check into possible debt consolidation or other ways to ease the burden.

Perhaps the most important change to your work and money picture will be your gaining a sense of the Big Picture much more than you’ve had in the last couple of years. Having a job is one thing; having one that you are happy with and that you find fulfilling is another one entirely. This year will bring new clarity as to your goals, and will give the drive to get there.

 whether you’re in a relationship or not, Scorpio, you’re certainly going to be getting a lot of potential romantic attention this year, and you’ll be having a lot of fun with it. Expansive Jupiter starts the year in your Romance Sector, and even if you aren’t looking for a relationship, the opportunities will be there. Conditions may not have been the best in the recent past for you, but all of that is over for now. Time to cut loose! June, July and August is prime time to strike. If you’re looking for a relationship (or want to solidify an existing one), make the effort during those three months and you’ll be rewarded.

When it comes to actual total love in your life, 2010 will be better than what you’ve seen the last few years. You’ve probably learned a lot about how you fit into other people’s lives, and you’ll be able to judge your relationships more wisely as a result. If you’re in a committed relationship now, April and May will prove to be excellent. If you aren’t in one at that time, it may just be the time to kick an existing relationship up a notch, or find a new romance.

One thing to watch out for this year is irrational attachments: flings, in other words. You’ll have more than the usual urge to splurge with your affections like someone spending their lottery win. If you’re looking to avoid that sort of thing in your life, you’d better stay out from under the mistletoe in November and December.


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