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Yearly 2010 Overview for Aquarius,relationship,business,future

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2010 Career

Adaptation and flexibility are absolute requirements for life in the modern world, and this applies to your work and money situation as much as to any other area of your life. Economic uncertainty has been running wild for the last year or so, and you’ve felt the fear just as much as anyone. The economic weather simply hasn’t wanted to play along with your high ideals about how things should be. That’s probably made you at least as fretful as the average person, and maybe more so. Fortunately, your unique gift for seeing an ideal and staying focused on it will have definite rewards in 2010.

When it comes to your actual sense of direction with your career and how you fit into life, Neptune will continue to make things fuzzy, but Jupiter is coming to the rescue! It moves into your Money House in January, and will bring much better luck with your cash supply. The entire period of January through September will see dramatically improved luck; not necessarily “winning the lottery” type luck, though. The same amount of effort you put into your finances will be rewarded with better results. Take advantage of this time by using your head with your budget, and you will see dramatic gains.

Work in general will continue to be the same combination of grind and reward that you’re used to throughout most of the year, with an overall slight reduction in pressure. April through June may find you subject to more than the usual share of office politics — stay above it all and no harm will come to you. The last three months before your next birthday will see newfound energy and optimism with your work, and you’ll be sure to impress someone higher up the food chain during that time. Congratulations!

2010 Romantic

Wherever Cupid finds you on your birthday, in the following year you will be ending up somewhere significantly different. December through February may not necessarily bring bad news in your love life, but events will occur that cause you to challenge your satisfaction with where things are, regardless of whether or not you’re involved with anyone. If you are in a committed relationship, you’ll likely feel that pressures in your own life demand more time and attention, taking time away from your relationship. If you aren’t with anyone at that time, you’re probably going to find yourself questioning the joys of single life harder than you would normally.

General romantic opportunities, whether in a new relationship or with an existing partner, will increase significantly in two important time frames: April through June, and the last two months before your next birthday. In both cases, a small amount of effort on your part will reap significant rewards. It would be the optimum time to join a dating service, or in some other way change your search techniques.


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