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For Love,Lessons of life

October 16, 2012 by  
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Somtimes, while you face love, it may only a feeling of a flash.

Everything happens for a reason. When life takes an unexpected turn either it gives rise to a miserable storm or showers sunshine. There is always a way for happiness after sadness and vice versa. Something similar was my story. It was going great between John and me. We were happy together or at least, I would say I was happy with him. But as they say nothing is forever, things change without prior notice, and we call it life. I was clueless about what was going in John’s mind.

I started to notice a weird change in his behaviour. The care and love seemed to be fading, he hardly answered my calls and I could feel that he started ignoring me. Gradually the change became apparent. He used to be so considerate and selfless, and now he hardly cared. He had stopped calling and showing interest. It looked like the relationship was just being dragged by me. His participation no more existed. It had to be cleared as I had taken enough of his rude behaviour. This thing was killing me as the days were passing.

As usual one evening I called him not with the intention of sorting it out, he answered “Hello”, I replied normally “Hey Johnny what’s happening?” he said uninterestingly “Nothing great”, after listening to his reply I couldn’t stop myself and said “Johnny I think we need to talk” “Talk? About what?” he asked. “About this drastic change in your behaviour, you’re not the same Johnny anymore”, after a minutes silence he spoke as if he was waiting for me to start it “Look, I know my behaviour has changed, and trust me I don’t have an excuse to give, all I know is “I AM NOT READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP”.

His words shook me, I kept the phone without uttering a word, as I was broken into pieces. I knew that the relationship was not on right track, but had no idea that it’ll break this way. The thought of me not being with him anymore put me in distress. I tried calling back on his number to complete the conversation which was left incomplete, but he never answered.

He would ignore me even if there was an eye contact in public. I was pissed off with his inconsiderate behaviour, this was something much unexpected. It was hurting me even more, I felt like a loser, It put me into great depression, a guy who once used to love me like crazy, was now not even interested in talking to me, his thoughts did not let me concentrate on anything, I stopped socialising. All my hopes and confidence had shattered yet, I was unaware of something that was coming up which was least expected.

My results, I failed in first year of my degree college. That was another shock which I suffered, but this was for good. It made me think about my behaviour. I came home after my results, went straight to my room and locked myself. Suddenly, a question crossed my mind “What’s making me behave this way?”, “That guy who dumped me giving a lame reason?” I asked myself. I went in front of the mirror and stared at myself, all my charm was gone, I looked so dull and sick, “This is enough” I thought to myself, “What am I punishing myself for? He doesn’t deserve me. I’ll have to stop this or my life will be ruined”. There and then I made up my mind and decided “This is it, I have to be something and I have to prove myself. There are things which are more important and inevitable”. Sometimes you can explain yourself better than others. After that day, I started going to college regularly, concentrated on studies. Moreover, I realised that I was more sincere than ever, the best thing happened with me was, I met many interesting people who became my good friends. I could talk to them about everything and anything. I came to know the importance of friendship which I was deprived of. Apparently, I started enjoying life. “If this is the reward for one pain then I am ready for many such pains” I thought. A decision that I had to prove myself kept me strong throughout. By this time I had almost recovered from my past. Things were going great, everything was working in my favour. I completed my graduation with good grades and my dedication helped me choose right career. This way life taught me everything with time. It just took me a push to understand.

Hence, never lose hope because life won’t end if you stop living. Just keep in mind whatever happens, happens for the best and always remember after a hurricane you can see those seven beautiful colours what we call as a Rainbow, which starts a new beginning afresh with a new story and once again ends up teaching a new lesson.


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