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Let all in a day’s work

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It was around 2am when Erica finally managed to get some sleep. Her mind was filled with thoughts of her fiancé, Sam. His chiseled face, his green eyes, his warm smile. She had spent most of the day looking at his photo. For the first time, they had not spent the weekend together. He was too busy, he had said. Poor Erica, how lonely she had been through the day!

As she fell deeper in slumber, out of nowhere she heard familiar strains of music. She opened her eyes but couldn’t find anything. Where was it coming from? There was a gentle knock on the main door and Erica wondered if she was dreaming or was it for real?

She got up but felt so light and free that she looked down at herself. “When did I wear this dress,” she asked herself. The white short dress on her was so transparent without the wrap that one could see right through it – her beautiful body, her back, her shoulders, the small heart pendant in the chain round her neck and a pair of diamond earrings peeping through her beautiful dark brown hair. She had simply forgotten to change before going to bed – she had dressed to go out with Sam.

She started to move towards the door when she heard a jingle sound and something tickled her on her wrist. She saw it was a small chain with a blue diamond around her wrist. All this seemed weird but she liked how she looked. So with no more hesitation she went and opened the door. Sam was there standing at the door, with a smile on his face. Sam looked so handsome with his green eyes that Erica did not know what to say.

“I must be dreaming,” Erica thought as her eyes glowed with joy. Her heart beat so fast that she thought it would explode. Sam was hesitating at the door, hesitating to come inside. He kept his eyes on her, he couldn’t think or talk as he too was lost in her beautiful eyes. She was glowing, she looked so happy, she was his angel, his goddess, and she was there in front of him. All he wanted was to take her in his arms and kiss her. Yet he dared not touch her fearing it would break her into a thousand pieces.

After a while Erica felt she had to do something or else they would probably just stand there looking one another. So she simply said, “It’s a surprise to see you here at this hour Sam.” To this, he smiled and said, “I was visiting a friend in your neighbourhood so I thought of just coming and saying a hello to you. Hope you don’t mind.”

Even as he said so, Sam felt a tad foolish. What a lame excuse to make at that hour of the night! He knew she would see that he was lying, but he said it anyway. But Erica simply laughed at it and said, “Let me pour us a drink.” How he loved they way she laughed, he loved everything about her, the way she walked, the way her hair fell on her shoulders and her smile, her soft lips on his….it gave him a shiver just to think of it.

“Why on earth am I offering him a drink at this hour. He knows I never drink so late,” she thought. Her smile gave her away for Sam said, “Erica you never drink so late, is something wrong?”

He said that smiling and approached her as she was pouring a drink in a glass. He took her in his arms and the warmth of her body against his made him feel so alive that he looked deeply into her amazing green eyes and kissed her.

As their lips met, he felt her body tremble. At first, she resisted a bit, but soon she surrendered herself, body and soul. Both were lost in the heat of the moment as they ended up kissing, caressing, laying on her bed. Sam switched on the music system and it seemed to cast a spell over both. Carried away by the heat of their passionate love, they indulged in passionate lovemaking.

It was almost 11.30 in the morning when Erica woke up. She looked around but there was no Sam. “Was it all just a dream, or did it really happen?” she wondered. She was about to get up and get herself have a cup of black coffee when she noticed an envelope next to her pillow.

She picked it up and opened it. Out fell sweet-smelling lavender flowers. “Good morning sweetheart, hope you slept well. I had to leave for office as there is an important meeting today. Last night was simply out-of-the-world. Hope to see you soon in the evening. Till then miss me loads!”

A shudder passed through Erica. God, how could she have forgotten what had transpired between them last night. But as she closed her eyes again, she felt transported back in time, back in Sam’s arms. In fact, she could smell his male scent on her pillow and her bed spread. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw love bites all over her body. And her eyes seemed to glow with love. “Gotta get going now,” she said to herself and left for the loo to get ready for office. And yes, she had one hell of a day at work to return in the warmth of Sam’s arms again.


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