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Ask Me

July 4, 2014 by  
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Ask me how I’m feeling.
Ask me and I’ll tell.
I’m trying to show the world I’m strong.
But I’m not doing so well.

My heart is hurting every day,
These tears fall down like rain.
My head is filled with thoughts of you,
But I’ll smile through the pain.

Ask me if I sleep okay,
I’ll tell you that I don’t.
Ask me if this hurt will end.
I’ll tell you that it won’t.

When will I be able to take a step forward
Without being pushed back two.
When will the world stop cutting in
When it comes to me and you.

Ask me if I think of you
I’ll tell you, “everyday.”
Ask me if I still love you
I’ll tell you that’ll never go away.

Pain demands to be felt
It demands to be shown.
Ask me how I cope at night
When I’m feeling most alone.

Ask me if i can forget
I’ll tell you it’s too hard.
Cause when I think about you,
I think about her in your arms.

Ask me if I’ll be okay
Ask me and I’ll tell.
I’ll lie and say I am,
But honestly, I’m not doing so well.


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